Female. Let´s say for now that I am bisexual with a huge inclination for the ladies. Here you will find faberry, Dianna Agron (because she is beautiful and perfect), Lea Michele, Brittana, art, poems.
I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Games of Thrones, Dexter.
I am one of those persons who doesn´t hate Cersei Lannister.
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Quinn sent Rachel flowers!

hello :) i am sorry to bother you but jaime is my favourite charcter (so is cersei by the way) and I'd like you to know, that in the book, Jaime didn't rape her. Actually, "do me now" was what she was saying in the book in the sex scene in the sept. Since tumblr is full of it I suppose you already know but in case you don't I just wanted to tell you, because I feel kinda betrayed by what they did with Jaime's character in the TV show and I want people know it was not like this originally. :)

Thank you anon! Yes a friend told me about this. What bothers me is how the show did that scene. It was crap. But that’s television for you.